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Divorce Law

More often than not, couples find themselves in the process of formally ending a marriage due to the many challenges that they are faced with in life. If this unforeseen circumstance has come up, be sure to get the help and attention you deserve from the Law Office of Vance R. Redmond. Attorney Vance R. Redmond will take the time to listen to your divorce law case and identify the root of the situation. If your divorce arose from any of the following situations, Attorney Redmond will be able to help you decide how your divorce case should be handled: absolute divorce, adultery, desertion, cruelty of treatment, vicious conduct, conviction of crime, insanity, or no fault grounds.

Child Custody Law

One is never prepared to deal with the legal ramifications that come with a child custody case. During this time, emotions are high due to the complexity of having your own children involved. At the Law Office of Vance R. Redmond, Attorney Redmond’s compassion will go a long way toward ensuring that all parties involved reach a fair and just resolution.

Child Support Law

A Divorce can lead to an emotional time for a family, especially when children and money are involved. In Bethesda, MD, child support is based on the gross monthly income of each parent, child care costs and health insurance costs. Attorney Vance R. Redmond will work closely with you to make certain that your child is protected by reviewing all child support guidelines.

Guardianship Law

Are you dealing with a situation where the parents of a minor are no longer able to care for them? If that is the case, the Law Office of Vance R. Redmond practices in guardianship law and can be of assistance. Attorney Vance R. Redmond has the credibility and knowledge to show the court why a guardian parent is needed and how it will benefit the minor. The guardianship for a minor is a huge obligation and Attorney Redmond will be sure to outline your role and obligations as the guardian.

Alimony Law

Very few people represent themselves through a divorce without making major mistakes. Don’t let that happen to you – contact the Law Office of Vance R. Redmond to consult with an experienced attorney who can file the appropriate financial claims for your case, including alimony. Attorney Redmond will review all of the relevant income that has been factored into the alimony law case and make sure both parties leave with a reasonable outcome.

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