From the beginning of this divorce, Vance had a thorough understanding of divorce law in MD and was able to successfully help me through this very trying process of divorce. He was accurate as to the process, and the outcome. He is level headed and represented me with confidence and professionalism. Thank you Vance

Very satisfied with my case

Posted by Anne, 23 days ago

While I certainly hope that I do not require Mr. Redmond's services in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to retain his legal assistance again should the need arise. He was informative, responsive and what I most appreciated, he will not beat around the bush. He is straightforward while maintaining a professional demeanor. Unfortunately I was under a time constraint. While he acted immediately and drew up the necessary paper work he did not fail to explain any potential scenarios that could arise which would delay the divorce from being granted. Two other attorneys I interviewed guaranteed my deadline will be met with no hesitation, I knew this was a promise that could not be 100%. Mr. Redmond knew this as well thus prepared me of potential situations that could occur. My questions were always answered clearly and I never felt like I did not know what was going on with my case. I am positive he went above and beyond to help me meet my deadline. He is experienced and knows divorce law, and I could easily tell from my hearing that he has earned the respect he deserves as a lawyer for divorce and family law.

Knowledgeable, Professional and Straightforward

Posted by a Divorce client, about a year ago

A friend gave me Vance's contact information and I am so thankful he did. I retained Vance during a critical time in my case after having a really bad experience with my first attorney. Vance handled my custody agreement, contempt order and my divorce. He made himself readily available and worked quickly and smoothly to transition the case from my previous lawyer to him. He was informative and responded quickly to requests for information and assistance. I was reassured many times during endless stressful situations by Vance's quick e-mail responses. This was the most stressful and awful time of my life and I was lucky to have a lawyer who I could depend on. I made sure he knew what I wanted and he made sure to advocate accordingly for me. Vance always did a great job of listening and helped navigate me through the mess of the court system. He is a true professional and always speaks and dresses accordingly. He was aggressive and persistent when we needed to be and patient and calm when needed. Vance did a great job of working with me to provide me as much information as I requested and keeping me informed about everything . He listens and was also respectful of my time and money and that is rare to find in the sea of attorneys. Vance helped me stay involved without losing anything. He brought justice to me and my family and there is nothing more I can ask for.

Great Attorney!!!

Posted by a Family client, 2 years ago

I received more information from Vance in a free consultation than previous attorneys. He looked up my case and informed me of the divorce process and asked questions that helped guide me on how to move forward before I hired him. Vance was always responsive to my emails even late nights and weekends. He was non emotional, clear in his communication and stayed focussed on the facts and not the drama. Compared to my previous council I felt secure and confident that Vance had my best interest in mind. I have worked with other attorneys involving my husbands previous wife , they were not as informative as Vance. It has been a hard road for me and it is not over. If needed in the future Vance will be my first choice as council.

Direct, Clear, Professional , Respectful, Knowledgable, Responsive ....... Council of Choice

Posted by a Divorce client, about a year ago